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SCSoft, over the last many years has been advising, supporting and managing IT infrastructure of many global customers. The hybrid service delivery model followed by us enables a client to choose a shared team or a dedicated team from our diverse pool of skilled resources or outsource complete management of the IT operations to us. All clients are served with utmost focus on customer satisfaction by following ITIL best practices and ISO 9001:2015 standards.

24X7 NOC

SCSoft provides Managed IT Services to its clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, delivering real value to the client through skilled staffs and with state-of-the-art facilities


ITIL processes are followed to consistently deliver top notch Managed IT Services thereby adhering to Service Level Agreements

ISO 9001:2015

All our client service delivery and business processes are in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 standards. Continuous improvement of process has been our passion since inception


Innovative approach in understanding manual business processes and developing scalable and reliable IT Solutions

Our IT Services

Managed IT Services

We provide 24/7 Managed Services from our dedicated Network operations centre. We operate on an outcome-based model, which not only relieves the operational “headaches” of the customer, but also ensures business results are guaranteed. Our managed services are meant for small and medium sized companies seeking to focus primarily on their critical business functions, while we own the responsibility of day-to-day IT operations. You can choose from a range of Managed Services – whether on-premises, in the Cloud or even more complex scenarios. We ensure that we provide full management of your IT, including infrastructure, platform, application and customizations, with agreed upon SLA’s.


We help you streamline the management of complex IT processes by automating infrastructure, cloud and workspace processes required to support and deliver IT services for your business. We make use of software tools, frameworks and applications to conduct the tasks with minimum administrator intervention. Automation is critical to managing, changing, and adapting not only your IT infrastructure, but the way your business operates through its processes. By simplifying change through automation, you gain the time and energy to focus on innovation. Instead of seeing automation as a feature that eliminates your staffs, the fact is that it allows your skilled IT staff to focus on bigger problems and finding their solutions, rather than manual, day-to-day, repetitive tasks.

Cloud Management

Being a remarkably experienced IT infrastructure management provider, SC Soft is also considered as a preferred Cloud partner. We help you to adopt Cloud by conducting assessment services on workloads and moving them to suitable Cloud environments (Private / Public / Hybrid). The certified and experienced Engineers of SC Soft on different cloud solutions can assist clients adopting the solution to migrate to cloud in a seamless way. This positions us as one of the leading cloud computing consulting companies among the various cloud support providers. We have skilled staffs who are trained in various technologies like Google Cloud Platform, Office 365, Windows Azure, Amazon web services etc.

IT Consulting

From the time IT being seen as a business enabler, it is a need of the hour to have well defined IT strategy, IT Management and IT governance. Many organizations find it very difficult to align IT with the business objectives and have witnessed visible gaps after implementation. In the absence of IT strategy and IT Management procedures, the IT department, as a whole will end up working in an ad hoc manner without knowing its importance in the organization. With the experience in developing and implementing IT strategy, IT Service Management policies and procedures, we can help organizations to align IT with business objectives inclusive of a clear strategy, mission and vision.