Automated Fare Collection Systems for Mass Transit

Helping transit authorities and government agencies around the world in implementing an efficient end-to-end AFC (Automated Fare Collection) system

One-Stop Solution

Our Automated Fare Collection (AFC) offers a one stop integrated system for managing the tickets issued to the commuters of public transport networks like buses, metros, railways etc. It helps you generate financial and other useful information for monitoring the performance and improving the decision making.

Our modern state of the art AFC systems support all fare media and payment methods including closed loop systems (smart cards), open loop systems and payments (contactless EMV) and mobile apps for payments, top ups and ticketing. We have been working with many transit agencies around the world to develop and implement flexible models that not only helps passengers avoid long queues and carry out transactions securely and quickly, but also helps you reduce fare evasion and increase revenue capture.

On Board Passenger Validator

Validator to recognise and validate the fare media for bus, BRT and other modes of transit

Fare Gate Validator

Validators utilised for recognising the fare media on the access gates/fare gates in all modes of transport

Ticket Vending Machine

Automatic Ticket Vending Machines allows passengers to purchase tickets and recharge Smart Cards

Automatic Fare Gates

Automatic Fare Gates allows passage through validation of QR tickets as well as Smart Cards


Hybrid transit terminal that integrates a 2D barcode scanner and EMV card reader

Hybrid Contactless Validator

The Hybrid Validator accepts both contactless cards and tokens as the fare media


Versatile application ranging from an AFC device to an automatic vehicle locator


Better accountability
Less revenue leakage
Lightning speed transactions
Easy insights & reports

Supporting Media & Ticketing System

Contactless smart cards/ Proprietary transit cards
NFC Support
QR ticketing
Supports Open loop EMV based ticketing
Closed loop transit system
Account Based ticketing system

Mobile App

  • 1 Easy Registration and Login
  • 2 Purchase of QR ticket – Using debit & credit cards as well as third-party wallets
  • 3 Support NFC
  • 4 Help desk
  • 5 Estimated time for a journey

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